BASEBALL- Metaphor for America and Absolute Grid Through Which Everything Can be Interpreted

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10/22/2014 - America's Favorite National  Pastime - The 2014 version of the Fall Classic is underway amid much fanfare. Standing room only tickets were reported commanding $500 each. KC is a World Series starved city - 1985 a long drought.

Football was coined as America's Passion by Howie Long in his 2001 Hall speech. Many have also branded football as America's Favorite National Pastime because it's more popular than baseball in the Brave New World.

Baseball is a better fit for a kinder, gentler America. Hitting a baseball instead of hitting persons is the reason.

While football has had a bad run of domestic violence issues, baseball has remained clean. It's a better venue for teaching youth non-violence and as a tool for socialization.

You make the call - you be the man in blue!


Baseball - "America's Favorite National Pastime."                                                                                                                                          

"My life is my message." -- Gandhi.


 P.S. - Foster the People. 










































































































































































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Baseball: The measure of America's heart and soul in any given era.

To understand America, know baseball!

Covering All the Bases

1B : Spirit of '76 - "Voluntary" high performance with integrity. Individual personal responsibilty within the context of social responsibility to both America and baseball.

2B : Equal Justice - Social justice through equal justice [not "just us"].

3B : Meritocracy - Rewards and advancement based upon talents, skills and work ethic exhibited within the rule of law and rules of the game. Eliminate Animal Farm where: "All animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others."

HOME : Tradition and Leadership - Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?  DO IT AMERICAN character based upon founding principles and values -- not Frankfurt School manufacted Iron Mike "image." 

 be one of the main sources of national prosperity as well as a special object of Divine favour.