BASEBALL- Metaphor for America and Absolute Grid Through Which Everything Can be Interpreted

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08/19/2015 – Alex Jones Strikes Out! – The August 18, 2015 “InfoWars” podcast featured Dr. David Duke pitching chin music at Alex Jones on his show. In lieu of the usual politically correct [Pharisaically correct] arsenal of pitches limited to “globalist” and “elite,” the real stuff was chunked – Jew, Jew, Jew, Zionist, Zionist, Zionist, Israel, Israel and Israel.


The entire Spock baby boomer generation has been conditioned to feel pity for the victimized Jew because they all [6 million] got gassed and cremated in the so-called “holocaust” a.k.a. burnt offering. This bunch of Bull Durham piece of propaganda enabled the Kangaroo Khazarians to steal Palestine and convert Christians to secular humanism and worship the Jewish Nation instead of Jesus Christ at God – period!


It is true that the [all white] European people and culture are the real “victims” of the Zionist genocidal machine – classic Marxian deceptive reversal. A master race superiority ideology is inbred in the average Jew since birth – parents, rabbinate and the Jewish Community acting as a support team. Gentiles are viewed as unwanted competition that must be dealt with – controlled or terminated. Any righteous criticism of the so-called Chosen People and their Palestinian land grab is greeted with chants of kill the umpire – immune from scrutiny necessary to insure fair play.


Tens of millions of so-called Christian Zionists have wittingly and unwittingly contributed to the destruction of America. They blindly support modern day Israel which they believe God blesses, and henceforth blesses them.


None of these useful idiots, some well-meaning – some diabolical, realize that Jesus was a Judahite [tribe of Judah] from Nazareth in Galilee. The word “Jew” [first tossed by Shakespeare in 1597] derives from neighboring Judea where Jesus never lived – and avoided due to its people’s hostility towards Him.


It should be self-evident to any American not swinging at the curve ball in the dirt that our once great Big League nation has been fundamentally transformed into the Bush Leagues by the Zionist Jews and their Freemasonic batboys and batgirls. The Jewish Nation has seized total and complete power to install the New World Order of Zionist Jewish Communism.


Baseball Is America profiles Alex Jones as a Zionist shill. His wife is Jewish – stated the same on the “Howard Stern Show.” AJ would not have a high profile platform without intense support of Zionists. He is a key member of the disinformation Arnold Rothstein brigade – period!


David Duke man-handled Alex in the head-to-head dual – exposed him for the sissy-boy traitor that he is. Mr. Jones is as slick as Hal Chase a.k.a. Prince Hal – the one with the pitch black soul. He would certainly be unemployed if not supported by the globalists as controlled opposition.


The amount of power accumulated and wielded by the Jewish Nation due to their racist tribal nature on the former Field of Dreams is ridiculous. The ballgame played in the shadows is genocide of the white European race and culture – to eliminate historical and traditional competition via cheating similar to Synthetic Era baseball.


The Jewish Nation cares nothing about America the Beautiful. Their mission is to destroy the Constitutional Republic – replace it with a Kangaroo Khazarian Kuntry. Ballgame over – “they” won!


In baseball, it was Henry Ford who cited the Jewish Problem that surfaced in the 1919 World Series and famous Black Sox ScandalThe International Jew. Las Vegas gambler Arnold Rothstein, responsible for placing both White Sox and Reds players in comprising positions, was Jewish. Reclaiming the Strike Zone identifies Durand-Durand a.k.a. Commissioner Bud Selig is Jewish – the Steroid Era occurred under his lack of watch.


The Field of Dreams has been replaced by a bunch of Bull Durham due to a change in playbooks – Good News Gospel of the Holy Bible plus Baltimore Catechism [Catholic morality] to Babylonian Talmud plus Kabbalah plus Morals and Dogma [Book of Freemasonry by Albert Pike].


Alex Jones may talk a good ballgame – he’s not a player donning the red, white & blue. His uni is blue & white with a red-shield logo – ditto for Steve Quayle.



You make the call - you be the man in blue!.



"People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." - Friedrich Nietzche.



8/12/2015 - 7th Inning Stretch Over: “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Baseball Is America has taken a much needed 7th inning stretch. The current action at field-level, game-speed on the “former” Field of Dreams is nothing but a bunch of Bull Durham.


Independence Day has come and gone – the dog days of summer have taken the field of play. Zionist shill Alex Jones [full of lots of truth due to inside information -- Inside Baseball] recently had a team member interview random Zodian zombies on SoCal’s Crystal Pier – most are way out in left field as to “why” the 4th of July is celebrated as a national holiday. The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia had taken control of the front office [King George]. White English Christian people were under fascist Illuminati tyranny – wanted the hell out of “satanic” dodge, to get a fresh start living life under Christian principles and values. A revolutionary fight to the death was fueled by a thirst for religious freedom.


That same Rothschild Synagogue of Satan has totally reclaimed the former US of A for their City of London kingdom. America the Beautiful is going-going-gone…outta here! What has backfilled is hateful-hostile-hellish Bush Leagues operated by neo-Nazis dominated by homo-fascists / fema-nazis and neo-Communists [neo-con Trotskyites]. Gangster government serves gangster capitalism supported by all major institutions including Zio-Masonic media, entertainment and education.


The “average” Kramerican is a dumbed-down useful idiot – period! General Zod has successfully completed his century old social engineering master-planned project – conquer the Catholic Church and Christian America…and its Biblical playbook. The new Luciferian Illuminati man in blue has rolled out a new set of Pharisaical “no rules, just right” – Babylonian Talmud, Kabbalah and Book of Freemasonry.


Baseball Is America started its Titanic voyage after the 9/11 attacks orchestrated by the Bushes, Cheney, Rumsfeld, PNAC, Israel, Saudi, Illuminati-Masons, Jews, Jesuits and much-much more…but no Osama bin Laden. The mission was to bench Pharisaical political correctness in favor of truth ingrained in the Good News gospel of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Truth is a masculine quality relegated to the bullpen by emasculated, feminine minded “males” calling all the pitches from the dugout.


The GOP debate season began with some real fireworks.

Brainwashed elephant groupies are rallying around Israeli-firster The Donald – Donald Drumpf a.k.a. Trump. Both Major League and Minor League stages of GOP debate teams were stacked with neo-Catholic sissy-boys – Chris Christy, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush [convert], and Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, George Pataki, respectively. John Kasich, a member of the 1-in-10 fraternity of Kramerican ex-Catholics, 34 million, is a fallen away Catholic while Carly Fiorina is a masculine-minded [truth] neo-Catholic ingrained in the super spy state.


Dr. Ben Carson is the only man [or woman] to stand in the batter’s box as a true patron of Christian faith. He’s a little out-of-step with GOP tenets on gun ownership and vaccines – not criminal like all the rest of them with the possible exception of Rand Paul. All candidates except Ben Carson are taking filthy lucre from the Arnold Rothstein brigade – Sheldon “go Israel” Adelson and Koch “global gangsta’ capitalism” Brothers.


America desperately needs a leader of strong Christian faith to clean up all the trash on the diamond. It would be nice if we had a true Catholic like Pat Buchanan -- Big Ben is the only bet in the lineup thus far. He has a moral compass ingrained in God instead of the typical humanistic view of self-centerless.


Our former Constitutional Republic also needs a strong dose of truth – a President willing to investigate JFK, USS Liberty, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, etc. The truth lays in the Catholic Church, the Bride of Christ. Unfortunately that bride has been cheated on – Illuminati Jews totally control the Roman church and its pope.


Former Communist and Catholic convert Bella Dodd testified before Congress in the early 50s that she’d planted over 1,000 Communist priests in the seminaries in the 30s and 40s to overthrow the church from within – slowly, cultural Marxism. The current by-product yields thoroughly disgusting lover-boy priests in Catholic Church of Nice – some parish priests preach the get drunk and party gospel.


Only the wicked, wretched, effeminate and spineless sissy boys bat in the starting lineup under Pope Francis the Destroyer. Sin has definitely been conquered – strike zone changed to nose-to-the-toes and wide. Jolly ole’ Cardinal Timothy Dolan and pretty boy Father Jonathan Morris should be tossed out of the Catholic ballpark. They are a disgrace for wearing the Bride of Christ’s collar and uni. Their talents would be better served as bartenders at a gay pub – period!


Real men confront evil – face the chin music. Sissy boys play the “applaud everything nice” PC ballgame. Both the political arena and Catholic clergy severely lack real men.


With zero political or Catholic religious leadership, the American playing field has evolved into nothing but Kabbalah waters with rogue waves and bergs abounding – dangerous for true Christians and patriots. Any God-fearing Christian nationalist patriot risks being gang-stalked and false flagged like “innocent” Shoeless Joe Jackson. Risking everything for God of the Trinity and America the Beautiful has its price in a justice system having trashed the Magna Carta in favor of the Babylonian Talmud.


What is the difference between Baseball is America ideology and psychopath / megalomaniac The Donald? BIA is ingrained in Good News reason to truth -- the other Masonic black magic of the Kabbalah. Masonry=Kabbalah=Black Magic=Satanism.


What is the difference between Baseball Is America ideology and Alex Jones? BIA pitches the straight fastball right down Main Street – the Jew, Israel, Zionist and Freemason words are tossed freely. AJ pitches around the strike zone – “globalists.”


The American people are starving for genuine. Trump and Alex Jones give you the appearance of genuine but are Judaic tainted controlled opposition – Baseball Is America is the real deal. Lest we not forget that Synthetic Era Judaism controlling the Kramerican strike zone is nothing but the same Pharisaism existing in the time of Jesus which our Lord Jesus Christ referred to as: “…Hypocrites…Serpents…Generation of Vipers.”


Bravery is going against the crowd for the sake of truth – what a real man of Christian character is supposed to do. Incurring false testimonies and calamity come with the territory.


Under Obama, the playing field remains very corrupt with the alphabet soup front office in your dugout illicitly spying on you – NSA, FBI Division 5, CIA-Mossad and random Israeli citizens. Christians of true faith, gun owners, veterans, Constitutionalists and Ron Paul supporters beware.


 You make the call - you be the man in blue!.


“The best way to control the opposition is lead it.” -- V.I. “Nicholai” Lenin.


“It is better to be a good person [heart and soul ingrained in the Lord Jesus Christ] doing occasional bad things than a bad person [heart and soul embedded in false gods or oneself] performing good works.” – Mommy



P.S. - Foster the People.



08/29/2015 – King Donald of HubrisReclaiming the Strike Zone released a scouting report on The Donald. He is pitched as the epitome of the deadly sin of hubris. Psychologically, Mr. Drumpf suffers from a severe case of psychopathy, Narcissistic Dysfunctional Disorder and megalomania, like most politicians, only on steroids.  


Our Lord and Savior boldly tossed the following pitch at His followers: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” King Donald certainly makes no bones about his deep lust for the almighty shekel!


Reclaiming the Strike Zone also draws parallels between the last days of the Roman Empire, Germany’s Weimar Republic and Synthetic Era America. Moral depravity in society coupled with a merciless dictator are shared characteristics. Trump measures up to the merciless of Nero and Hitler – “you’re fired!”


The Judaic religion of Pharisaism dominates the psyche, spirit and soul of American culture. The Hill and Wall Street are littered with Pharisaical fanatics. Freemasonry is the pitch of choice to unite Jew and Gentile into the realm of the occult – ruled by elite “globalists.”

Scripture tosses the command to be perfect like the Father in Heaven. Secular humanism of the Illuminati Jew ruling class occult is the pitch of choice: no rules, just right. Team Babylonian Talmud, Kabbalah and Morals and Dogma has soundly spanked Team Holy Bible and Baltimore Catechism.


Real Christian men have a moral duty to battle evil and step up to the plate for Christ and His teachings. Trump claims to be a “Christian” – actions support a wear the uniform Christian, not true and faithful. Political expediency, unscrupulous behavior and cutting smoky backroom deals is his ballgame.


Decent Americans are sick and tired of forced Pharisaical [political] correctness and cultural Marxism. Trump’s dialectical mumbo jumbo a.k.a. Little League Chatter strikes a chord that resonates. A major problem is Trump’s partnership with the Arnold Rothstein brigade responsible for all the Pharisaical nonsense.


Mr. Drumpf is a hypocrite – a wolf in lamb’s wool. He is an Israeli-firster on a mission to hand another Clinton the White House in the vein of Ross Perot. Like Perot, Trump is a high ranking Freemason. His first loyalty is not to God, country or family – it’s to his Judaic puppet masters pulling all the strings from the City of London, Tel Aviv, Denver, D.C. and Wall Street.


Christion Zionists largely responsible for trashing the Field of Dreams by supporting Israeli-first candidates like Trump must understand that Jesus was not a Jew but a Judahite from the tribe of Judah. His homeland was Galilee, not Judea where the world “Jew” derives. Jesus Christ is also the Son of God.


How can The Donald prove that he is not a prostitute for Israel? Pledge to terminate the FED, blow up the CIA-Mossad, end all Middle East wars for Israel and perform a thorough investigation on 9/11 conducted by people of highest integrity – non insiders. Essentially, pick up where JKF left off on the day of his assassination by the CIA-Mossad, Illuminati-Freemasons and Communists.


Dr. Ben Carson is an honorable man with strong Christian convictions not aligned with the Arnold Rothstein brigade. It’s Carson 2016 all the way at this stage of the ballgame.


”If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” – George Orwell


“To learn who rules over you, find out who you can’t criticize.” Voltaire (1694-1778)


“When even one American, who has done nothing wrong – is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril.” Harry S. Truman


You make the call - you be the man in blue!.


P.S. - Foster the People.








































































































































































































































































































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Baseball: The measure of America's heart and soul in any given era.

To understand America, know baseball!

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2B : Equal Justice - Social justice through equal justice [not "just us"].

3B : Meritocracy - Rewards and advancement based upon talents, skills and work ethic exhibited within the rule of law and rules of the game. Eliminate Animal Farm where: "All animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others."

HOME : Tradition and Leadership - Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?  DO IT AMERICAN character based upon founding principles and values -- not Frankfurt School manufacted Iron Mike "image." 

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