BASEBALL- Metaphor for America and Absolute Grid Through Which Everything Can be Interpreted

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11/18/2014 – Stealing Signs - Baseball Is America cites stealing signs in both the Little Leagues and the Bigs. Why are signs stolen? To gain an unfair advantage over the competition – to cheat and steal. It passively promotes amoral culture void of right versus wrong – just win [don’t get caught].

Bobby Thomson’s miraculous shot heard round the world in the ’51 Series was tainted by Giant illicit sign stealing with a telescope from centerfield. Was it a miracle in the Catholic Christian context [divine intervention] or nothing but kid’s stuff?

RunBenRun pitches the right stuff – morality and right versus wrong in the Christian context of America’s founding void of “Christian” spitballs [Darby rapture and Scoefied Jewish Nation worship instead of Jesus].

Zionist government spying [stealing signs] on mostly Christian Americans [80% of Americans “claim” to be Christian in some form] has become mainstream in the post 9/11 former Field of Dreams. Patriot Act, Prism Project and the phony War on Terror are all strategic excuses for Peeping Toms to “go to work.” As successors-in-interest to the Soviet [Jewish] Cheka, GPU, NVKD and KGB they totally lack scruples.

Reclaiming the Strike Zone pitches political Zionism, not Muslim extremism, as America’s biggest safety threat. As long as 530 Congressman [out of 535] and the entire White House pledge allegiance to the six-pointed star while donning their white & blue unis with the red-shield logo, America will remain an unjust, unfair country.

Reclaiming the Strike Zone tosses the straight fastball solution to America’s slump – Whitfield-Christian philosophy embedded in the Good News of America’s founding and strict adherences to Constitutional precepts.

 You make the call - you be the man in blue!

“Christian people should engage the [secular] City of Man, not just as experience of pain, but as an opportunity for Christian activity.” – St. Augustine of Hippo

“Christians are not to reject the [secular] world entirely, but instead must try to reform it to fit a more Christian pattern.” – St. Augustine of Hippo

“The activities usually part of the [secular] City of Man – such as warfare, economic activity, education, legal disputes and the rearing of children – should be conducted in a Christian spirit.” – St. Augustine of Hippo

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Baseball: The measure of America's heart and soul in any given era.

To understand America, know baseball!

Covering All the Bases

1B : Spirit of '76 - "Voluntary" high performance with integrity. Individual personal responsibilty within the context of social responsibility to both America and baseball.

2B : Equal Justice - Social justice through equal justice [not "just us"].

3B : Meritocracy - Rewards and advancement based upon talents, skills and work ethic exhibited within the rule of law and rules of the game. Eliminate Animal Farm where: "All animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others."

HOME : Tradition and Leadership - Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?  DO IT AMERICAN character based upon founding principles and values -- not Frankfurt School manufacted Iron Mike "image." 

 be one of the main sources of national prosperity as well as a special object of Divine favour.