BASEBALL- Metaphor for America and Absolute Grid Through Which Everything Can be Interpreted

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5/6/2016 – Truth or Propaganda – It was Fast Eddie Bernays, the double nephew of Talmudic psycho Sigmund Freud, who penned Propaganda in the 1920s. After scoring a Big W as an anti-German team member at the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, this vicious Khazarian psychopath aggressively injected his venomous Bolshevik ways into the fabric of every institution of the American culture. Destroying the white European Christian family was a major target turning women into New Age Talmudic feminist trash through ad campaigns – mission accomplished.


Total elimination of the white race by any and all means possible -- because they have been major competition throughout the ages -- is the goal. The Kangaroo Khazarians collectively as a tribe relentlessly pursue Jewish Supremacy 24/7/365 – trained since birth.


The height of Synthetic Era baseball featured a Khazarian-run media led by ESPN. It relentlessly promoted the “so-called” Steroid Era as authentic baseball because it provided a thrill running up the leg. Fanboys loved the Long Dong Chase of ’98 Big Macoid and Slammin’ Samoid.


While the Talmud advocates lies to gain a competitive edge on the competition, the Good News gospel proclaims truth – learn it, proclaim it, live it! There are no Synthetic Era mainstream media outlets proclaiming truth. Weaving in a certain percentage of lies with truth is their ballgame of choice – half-truths, propaganda.


Thanks to the new Guttenberg Press, the internet, reading and the hearing truth is readily available. No alternative media source is perfect – minor flaws do exist. By pooling the information from several internet sources, each individual can formulate truth in media.


Reliable sources of media truth can be found by tuning into or watching “Truth Jidad Radio,” “The Real Deal,” “False Flag Weekly News,” “Alex Jones / Info Wars,” Jeff Rense, “No Lies Radio,” “Veteran’s Truth Radio,” “Veteran’s Today,” Chip Tatum, Stew Webb, “Caravan to Midnight,” “Coast to Coast,” “Hagman and Hagman,” David Duke, “Daily Stormer” -- and more. No alternative media source is perfect, each weaves in some propaganda to promote an agenda – percentage is minute compared to the 20 -50% lies promoted in the MSM.


For example, Alex Jones is over protective of the Jewish Nation and Zionism due to being a Zionist Shill controlled opposition or fearing for his and his family’s life – or both. David Duke is hell-bent on promoting the Jewish tribal narrative by designating non-Semitic Khazarians as Semites. Catholic Christian doctrine of the Gospel clearly states that free-will overrides all genetic sinful tendencies – including Jewish tribalism and racism. Professor Jim Fetzer jams Godless secular-humanist thought into his narrative while sidekick Professor Kevin Barrett over protects his Muslim faith when pressed.


The Catholic Church is well represented in media by “Church Militant” and “The Remnant.” “EWTN” is the media arm of the Lavender Mafia Vatican. Good luck in getting the straight story out of a Catholic organization whose religious beliefs are based upon truth.


Sports media is hopeless. It is all propaganda to promote entertainment – sports entertainment.


The emergence of Donald Trump offers hope that sinful political correctness can be benched. It also raises expectations that monopoly control of power positions in both the public and private sectors by cowardly homosexuals, feminists, mentally ill beta males [synthetic alphas] and Freemasons can be broken so that alpha male and Christian women American placing God, family and country above their secret society, paycheck or power trip have a chance to break into the lineup.
 "It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible." - George Washington
"Our Constitutional was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other." - John Adams 

May Day 2016 – Shill Sent to the Showers – The Talmudic-Kabbalistic-Masonic-Satanic [Bolshevik] cowards at ESPN quick-hooked Shill for stepping-up-to-the-plate for decency in public restrooms – Christian thing that is “so yesterday.” What responsible parent would allow perverted men to legally watch their daughter pee on the “potty” or be victimized by male over exposure?


Adding insult to injury, Bolshevik ESPN edited out Shill's gutsy 17-minute "bloody sock" performance from the Four Days in October documentary featuring the Red Sox incredible comeback from an 0-3 deficit against those Damn Yankees to reach, and eventually win the 2004 World Series. The peaceful protest in the form of boycotting ESPN is the only way to eradicate Bolshevism from American culture -- reclaim what has been lost, a Constitutional Republic made only for a moral and religious people.


It was on this date in 1776 that the Talmudic Marrano named Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati – also the birthdate of Illuminati genocidal maniac V.I. “Nicholai” Lenin. Both Satanists share the same value system as the ESPN managers and coachessituation ethics of the Talmud.


The Rothschild-backed Illuminati struggled mightily in its infancy forcing the Jesuit priest convert to seek a safe haven – merger with Freemasonry in the 1780s. That diabolical marriage is largely responsible for all global misery ever since -- also destruction of Western Civilization and the Catholic Church through infiltration.


ESPN is a farm club of Illuminati-run Disney. Their mission is to de-Christianize the American populace with Talmudic-Kabbalistic-Masonic propaganda – brainwashing through entertainment. It is nothing but indoctrination into Communist slavery of the New Zionist World Order.


Talmudic law, replacement for Christian Magna Carta law of the Founding Era, governing Synthetic Era America, is discriminatory against Christ’s teachings and followers – anti-Christ. The Babylonian Talmud is a collection of rabbinical texts compiled mostly after Christ with mission to combat Christ through substitution of the Jewish Nation and modern day Israel for Christ. The Apartheid State of Israel represents realization of Talmudic dreams through Zionism. Their diabolical values permeate American culture due to a complete political stranglehold on American politicians and institutions through action committees led by AIPAC, ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center.


Baseball is a microcosm of the American culture – Shill’s woes are America’s woes. All American institutions [sub-systems of the greater superstructure] have been invaded and captured by Luciferians. Adults used to warn baby boom children that the Devil is very clever – back in the good ole days. Synthetic Era boomers are all grown up now – suffer from both cognitive dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome.


The ballgame played in the shadows by the Illuminati-run New Zionist World Order is to pitch a shutout against Christian expression so as to bench Christian Identity. Shill was victimized by diabolical forces – should fight for his right to party.


Nothing will change in Kramerica so long as the Masonic light-bearers control the flow of the game. The lineup must change at the top [Presidency] and work its way through the order [Congress, Supreme Court, state and local governments].


Trump is vulgar – not a Mason. Reclaiming the Strike Zone posits voting for non-Masons as a key sabermetric variable to winning the ballgame for America the Beautiful – restore what has been lost. All other candidates wearing either uni are Masons except Ben Carson -- should be VP.


There is no innocence associated with the Arnold Rothstein brigade responsible for sending Shill to the showers. Big League diabolical team members are perverted pedophiles wearing the same uni as Kramerican governing officials and Catholic Church “churchmen.”


America and the Catholic Church are in crisis – May Day, May Day, May Day … Beggars can’t be choosers. Election of a non-Masonic President followed by a non-Masonic Pope offers hope. In the meantime, its “no Christians allowed on the Kramerican field of play.”


 "Watch your lips." -- Smithville Headhunter


P.S. - Foster the People.


 April 28, 2016 – The Pope, Putin and Pete – The political landscape in Synthetic Era America is unprecedented. Inside Baseball has taken the field of play of the New World Order – “the emperor has no clothes.”  


The Catholic Church, Russia and baseball are major players. Francis the Destroyer [head of the One True Church] has exposed the essence of his soul -- Socialist/Communist Jesuit P2 Lodge NWO batter. Putin has significantly changed the flow of the game in the Middle East for the survival of Christianity – ISIS to the showers, reclaiming home field advantage for Syria. Charlie Hustle is supposed to soon meet with MLB’s new Pope of Dope – tweeting support for Trump just prior the Ohio GOP Primary causing a rain delay.


The Catholic Church historically batted in the cleanup spot for [Christian] moral authority in American culture. The Spirit of Vatican II benched The Babeno pop in the lineup of goodness. Hollywood, previously censored and sanitized by the Catholic League of Decency, is the new sluggerwhite & blue uni with a red-shield logo.


Homosexuality among priests, bishops and Cardinals has destroyed the Church from within. Only a remnant of goodness exists -- Cardinals Burke, Muller and Sarah and Bishop Athanasius Schneider are standing firm in the batter’s box of chin music when facing the big gay hate machine. It is probable that greater than 50% of Catholic “churchmen” are practicing homosexuals – lifetime ban is the penalty. Too many male clergy are still playing in foul territory -- involved in adolescent sexual rape, may be getting worse, not better. Francis has teamed-up with the Lavender Mafia – focus on political issues such as climate change, illegal immigration, border walls and Trump’s Christianity. By his fruits, he is no Catholic -- preaches the Masonic gospel of equality of all faiths, sameness of all gods/God and the “Joy of Love.” Faithful Catholics are praying for his conversion to the One True Faith or counting the days until his retirement.


WWIII has temporarily been given a rain check -- rescheduled due to Putin’s Murder’s Row assault on ISIS in Syria. We can now say with moral certainty that the enemy is “us” – CIA/Mossad, MI6, Saudi Wahhabi and more. “We” created ISIS out of “our” former Al-Qaida team. “We,” as global terrorists, are the bad guys – Putin’s Russia is the good guy wearing the nationalistic white, blue & red striped uni symbolizing symphony of Christian church and State.


Cincinnati’s Favorite Son remains a victim of the Talmudic Takeover of Kramericasituational ethics, not equal justice. It is self-evident that the spirit of the Magna Carta of America’s founding hit the waiver wire during the 20th century – injustices and racism of the Babylonian Talmudic ancient mystery religion in firm control of the “nose to toes and wide” strike zone. Power, control and manipulation, the essence of Freemasonry, has taken The Hill from Christ’s concept of fairness and integrity.


Pete messed with the corrupt system in baseball. Only the Arnold Rothstein brigade is allowed to gamble and fix ballgames. His job is to be a good Masonic minion entertainer where doing PEDs and not getting caught is the ballgame. The War on Drugs is nothing but an Arnold Rothstein brigade false flag the fix is always in [only your hairdresser knows].


Something big is coming out of left field – 2016 Kramerica paralleling 1916 Russia. The score for this ballgame will be different – Arnold Rothstein brigade loses.


You make the call - you be the man in blue!.




"The duty of a true Patriot is to protect his country from his government." Thomas Paine


"People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." - Friedrich Nietzche.


“The best way to control the opposition is lead it.” -- V.I. “Nicholai” Lenin.  


 ”If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” – George Orwell

“To learn who rules over you, find out who you can’t criticize.” Voltaire (1694-1778)

“When even one American, who has done nothing wrong – is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril.” Harry S. Truman











































































































































































































































































































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Baseball: The measure of America's heart and soul in any given era.

To understand America, know baseball!

Covering All the Bases

1B : Spirit of '76 - "Voluntary" high performance with integrity. Individual personal responsibilty within the context of social responsibility to both America and baseball.

2B : Equal Justice - Social justice through equal justice [not "just us"].

3B : Meritocracy - Rewards and advancement based upon talents, skills and work ethic exhibited within the rule of law and rules of the game. Eliminate Animal Farm where: "All animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others."

HOME : Tradition and Leadership - Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?  DO IT AMERICAN character based upon founding principles and values -- not Frankfurt School manufacted Iron Mike "image." 

 be one of the main sources of national prosperity as well as a special object of Divine favour.