BASEBALL- Metaphor for America and Absolute Grid Through Which Everything Can be Interpreted

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12/19/2014 – Realigning the Divisions – After the 2011 MLB season, it was announced that the Houston Astos would move from the National League Central to the American League West beginning in 2013 – condition of sale.

Four divisions within baseball had five teams, the NL Central had six and the AL West had four. With the Astros moving to the AL West, all six divisions in baseball achieved an even balance of five teams each.

Kramerica has befriended and aligned itself with the Jewish descendants of Stalin’s and Khrushchev’s Masonic Jewish Bolshevik Soviet Union – Marxist Trotskyites hated by America’s greatest generation. These Indo-Turkish Khazars have emerged flying a new pennant but donning the same unineo-con.

Christian Zionism of the Evangelical Movement has many confused soul team members. They subscribe to Biblical book-doctoring incorporating early 18th Century [John] Darbyism – end times rapture and early 19th Century [Cyrus] Scoefieldism – Chosen People / Master Race Industry of the Jewish Nation.

Reclaiming the Strike Zone calls for a strong [Bible-based] Catholic Church to lead the charge towards restoring America. Vatican II liberalism [a branch of Freemasonry] has caused some Catholic Churches to be enemies of the Christian cause – truth. EWTN Global Catholic Network appears to be on a mission to reclaim truth – it’s half-hearted because they fear the Synagogue of Satan more than they fear God of the Trinity.

Kramerican neo-cons led by Vickie Nuland, husband Robert Kagan and William Kristol use shameless batboys such as Senator Teddy Cruz to do their Christian bashing for them. Useful idiot Cruz plays piñata ball with Christian Russia and former glasnost and perestroika champ Vladimir Putin.

While Daddy Obama relentlessly hacks away at American Christian culture to please his Tel Aviv and City of London satanic franchise owners, Putin installs Christian teaching back in the public schools and constructs 200 new Christian churches. It’s the same classic battle since the Garden of Eden – good versus evil.

Kramerica is in dire straits as a nation because it has elected to wear the blue & white uni with the red-shield logo – Sign of the Scorpion. Putin, has disengaged from the satanic Marxists, Trotskyites and neo-cons as much as possible. The Russian flag is red, white & blue – just like America the Beautiful!

The year 2015 will be a tipping point in world history. Christian Putin [Prince of Peace and ultimate diplomat] has gained a slight advantage over the satanic neo-cons [selfish, reckless war lovers]. It’s Judahite Jesus versus the Edomite Pharisees -- Jesus the Victor always.

The Book of Revelations promises that satan [Jewish and Masonic neo-cons] loses. Good triumphs over evil when the ballgame is over.

America needs a leader to realign the divisions to make the world fairer. Russia, Germany and America in the Christ-serving division -- Israel, western Ukraine and the City of London in the satan-serving division!



You make the call - you be the man in blue!


“All things are subject to interpretation — whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

 “This great nation, was founded, not by religionists, not on religions but on the [Good News] gospel of Jesus Christ!” - Patrick Henry

“Christian people should engage the [secular] City of Man, not just as experience of pain, but as an opportunity for Christian activity.” – St. Augustine of Hippo

“Christians are not to reject the [secular] world entirely, but instead must try to reform it to fit a more Christian pattern.” – St. Augustine of Hippo

“The activities usually part of the [secular] City of Man – such as warfare, economic activity, education, legal disputes and the rearing of children – should be conducted in a Christian spirit.” – St. Augustine of Hippo

P.S. - Foster the People.



12/15/2014 – Who Are You Facing – On The Hill? In baseball, massive computer generated scouting reports are compiled on the opposing pitcher. The vetting process is relentless! 

An opposing pitcher is viewed as competition – a force to be reckoned with. The United States Congress and the White House on The Hill should be treated like an opposing pitcher! Their first loyalty is to a foreign entity – an opposing team.

All politicians [except a few] play for the Arnold Rothstein brigade supported by the Max Mercy Media that reports to the Arnold Rothstein brigade. America was founded on the unique platform: of the people, for the people, by the people – power to the people. Masonic Jewish totalitarianism Billy-Goats DO IT AMERICAN politics. Only Eight Men Out “character” is allowed on the field of play.

Judeo-Masonic redefinition of “fair and balanced” means: The truth is what we say it is! All [a]morality is man-made. God’s revealed Biblical morality has been given a quick hook. Anti-Semitism has evolved into a definition meaning “truth telling.”

Like the extremely tainted and “so-designated” Steroid Era in baseball that methodically turned the page on its massive scam and defrauding of its fans, it’s time for Americans to move beyond the holocaust legend and anti-Semitism scams. No Jews were gassed in Nazi Germany [no gas chambers] where approximately 300,000 died of mainly disease and starvation in the “work” camps. The overwhelming bulk of the Jewish Nation are not Semites – Palestinians are. They are Indo-Turkish Khazars that “converted” to Judaism for purely political reasons in the 8th Century under King Bulan in the region of Ukraine -- masquerading as God’s Chosen People.

RunBenRun is running on a quasi-Biblical platform of Judeo-Christian morality. The Masonic Jewish headwinds blowing in from centerfield are too strong for a big hitter like Ben to leave the yard. Base knocks are his only option.

Who is the “opposing” pitcher on The Hill responsible for the moral decay and destruction of America the Beautiful [Field of Dreams]? It’s the Masonic Jewish Nation with “a little help from me friends” – Gentile Masonic batboys.

Reclaiming the Strike Zone posits the swing needed to send the opposing “big bully” pitcher to the showers – truth. If 15% of the fan base is aware of, accepts and is not afraid of the truth – its rally time if they take the bats off their shoulders, swing away – proclaim the truth!



You make the call - you be the man in blue!








12/8/2014 - – Sticks n’ Stones… - Baseball is America uses America’s Favorite National Pastime to mark the time in American culture. A Child of Baseball traces the metaphorical cleat marks of a baby boomer [born 1946-1964]. “Sticks n’ stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” was a favorite slogan on the late-50s and 60s playgrounds across America the Beautiful. It was an era when kids actually had face-to-face communication with each other – texting was nothing but a Twilight Zone concept. Masonic Jewish political correctness hadn’t made the swim across the Big Pond from the despicable Masonic Jewish Soviet Union [where killing Christians -- 100,000,000 + "for the sport of it" was “their” favorite national pastime – period] yet. 

GOP Presidential front-runner Dr. Ben Carson took on fellow baby boomer Wolf “Zionist - Go Israel” Blitzer in a very recent interview. The good doctor used the favorite kids’ playground slogan to elevate the radically anti-American vice of political correctness. Ben pitched the concept of focusing discussion on the meaning of words – not the word itself.

The “tyranny with manners” – PC – forms the Economic Determinism of the Synthetic Era. Failure to join the Masonic Jewish PC team is career suicide – money left on the table when opting to DO IT AMERICAN!

America was founded on the principles and values contained in the Good News gospel. She has taken a wrong turn on the base paths – being led by the nose on the base paths of the Bad News bibles – Babylonian Talmud and Cabala [branches of the naturalistic cult known as Freemasonry].

Unfortunately, Christ is not here on earth to restore the Divine Plan for Social Order. The Masonic Jewish “The Plan” for social disorder is what Kramericans must deal with where “cashin’ in” trumps decency.

The Germans, Russians and Americans all speak different languages but share the common uni and code of behavior [Good News gospel] that could bring them all together peacefully – the Christian religion. Freemasonry controlling the Synthetic Era strike zone of behavior is nothing but a naturalistic cult elevating man to god status – to be his own master.

Topics that must be discussed without fear of jail time or assassination are JFK’s Executive Order 11110, the holocaust legend and the rogue State of Israel. Words discussed on these topics are essential for Reclaiming the Strike Zone! Watch your lips!


You make the call - you be the man in blue!











12/7/2014 – Pearl Harbor DayMillennials experienced the Masonic Jewish false flag known as 9/11. Their grandparents had a similar Masonic Jewish false flag experience – Pearl Harbor. Both satanic concoctions of death with no conscience were tragic! 

In baseball, the year 1941 featured three of the greater hitters of all times: Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio, Stan the Man Musial and Teddy Ballgame Williams. Those Damn Yankees won the Fall Classic that year, dominating Jackie’s Brooklyn "City of Churches" Dodgers in 5.

The Catholic Church was led by its last real Pope: Pius XII, who in his efforts to combat the church’s number one enemy, the Masonic Jewish Soviet Union, was unjustly accused of aiding and abetting the “so-called” and "self-styled" holocaust – total Bull Durham. The Catholic Church under his reign was the greatest champion of saving Jewish lives during WWII. The Jewish Nation is so egocentric and self-worshipping [god-complex] resulting from not accepting their Messiah that credit due Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church is not possible – stubbornness necessary to preserve the Chosen People/Master Race Industry.

The Catholic Church in 1941 stood tall on the mound on the big three pitches of Catholic Christian Canon: marriage [no divorce allowed], life [no abortion or euthanasia] and homosexuality [an abomination to God]. While the Vatican Bank was controlled by the red-shield, 1941 was pre-Vatican II -- Catholic Christian Canon ruled. The complete Masonic Jewish takeover of the church did not occur until the mid-1960s. The Synthetic Era revealed the fruits of satanic seeds planted at Vatican II in the Catholic Church. True Catholics must rely on the Bible [especially the Good News] for moral guidance. The Vatican has been comprimised!

Pearl Harbor was a classic back door slider: Masonic Jewish Zionist agent FDR allowed a couple thousand Navy men to perish as an excuse to enter WWII on the side of the Zionist allies. Defeating Germany and Christianity was the goal. Japan just happened to be an Axis ally – sinister excuse to willfully sacrifice American lives.

The Russian winter was in the process of breaking Nazi momentum and spirit when Pearl Harbor happened – Operation Barbarossa was a dismal Nazi failure. America entered the war at a time when Germany was severely weakened. The Soviet Union did all the heavy lifting to secure Allied [Zionist] victory – 27 million Russian lives were sacrificed for the Zionist satanists!

Pearl Harbor served as a satanic catalyst to change the world stage from righteous Christian to satanic Jewish Masonic. Christian Germany was conquered as a consequence of losing WWII – Christian Russia was a Masonic Jewish victim of WWI.

On this anniversary date, Americans should use the event for clarity on the New Pearl Harbor [9/11] orchestrated by the Masonic Jewish Zionists at the Project for New American Century – Zokheim, Kagan [king of the Khazars], Krauthammer, Bolton etc. Bring the perpetrators to justice along with their Max Mercy Media hacks led by Faux News.

Everyone has internet access. Americans need to educate themselves. The goal is to remove the Masonic Jewish ruling class responsible for injustice, chaos and misery and replace it with Christian leadership and ruling class. That is a DO IT AMERICAN aspiration!

RunBenRun offers hope – we hope. Watch your lips Ben!


You make the call - you be the man in blue!






12/6/2014 – RunBenRun Fires Chin Music at Wolf – Finally, a Presidential candidate, or any person in the political arena for that matter, has fired inside on the Jewish Nazi issue. In a recent interview with Masonic Jewish ruling class Max Mercy Media hack Wolf Blitzer, the six million Jewish curve ball was pitched at Dr. Ben.  

Dr. Carson compared Nazi oppression of free speech to that of [Synthetic Era] America. Wolf was offended that the good doctor compared Nazi tyranny with [Masonic Jewish] domination currently experienced by ordinary American citizens.

It is true that the majority of the German people didn’t support Hitler as the war progressed – they could not voice their displeasure. Over a million good German soldiers joined the Vlasov Free Russian Liberation Army [ROA] with Himmler’s knowledge to overthrow the real bad guy of WWIIUncle Joe Stalin of the Masonic Jewish Soviet Union.

After war’s end, Ike’s Holocaust combined with Ilya Ehrenberg’s two-year daily gang-rape of two million proud German woman, girls, grandmas and great grandmas by mainly Mongolians and Jews are the untold “real” holocaust stories. Jews did die during WWII where a total of sixty million people perished -- mainly non-Jewish Russians [27 million] and Germans [15 million]. No Jews died via gas chamber because there were none. The best guess estimate of Jewish deaths in the Nazi work camps is 300,000 via starvation, disease and exhaustion.

A total of five million or so total Jews were in Europe at the start of the war. Wolf’s six million number is nothing a messianic prophesy fulfillment used to elevate the Jewish Nation to Messiah – God.

Ben did not cower to Wolf’s request to reconsider his Nazi totalitarian comparison to [Masonic Jewish] America. He is a man of true Christian fortitude stepping-up-to-the-plate against the JFK assassination cabal associate descendents.

You make the call - you be the man in blue!











12/5/2014 – America Needs a Ringer – Avoid Being Run-RuledIn baseball, a ringer is a ballplayer [normally a hitter] that singlehandedly changes the dynamic of a team’s performance and fortunes. The Babe is probably Major League Baseball’s best example of a ringer. The fictitious Roy Hobbs from The Natural, the one man wrecking crew, is a “no doubter” ringer. 

Regardless of what the Khazarian Bolsheviks spew as propaganda in the Max Mercy Media, there are no ringers in the early Presidential lineup of hopefuls except for Dr. Ben Carson. Every other candidate bats way down in the order for Team America – they are all batting in the meat of the order for Team Israel, especially Texas “conservative” Senator Teddy Cruz.

If the average American citizen understood the “real” age-old War on Terror between the [Christian] Rus [Russia] versus the [satanic] Khazars of the Ukraine region that relocated to Israel after World War II, it would a whole new ballgame. The Sign of the Cross versus the Sign of the Scorpion is the game of shadows – Jesus v. satan, not the Chosen People v. Islam.

Kramerica needs a big hitter that will audit and eliminate the Federal Reserve, treat Israel like the Soviet Union Jr. [or at least neutral], foster a relationship with consecrated Christian Russia, fix the healthcare system with affordable solutions, drastically shrink the size of government, disqualify dual citizen politicians per laws on the books, elevate Good News DO IT AMERICAN principles and values in all sub-systems of the superstructure and adhere to the Constitution that Ben Franklin gave us. Kramerica is too far off the pace to take a chance with Little Leaguers from the Bush Leagues playing their game of shadows with the Arnold Rothstein brigade.

The pennant played for is restoring what has been lost – the Field of Dreams, America the Beautiful. Send unjust Kramerica to the showers!

RunBenRun offers hope – we hope. 


You make the call - you be the man in blue!


























You make the call - you be the man in blue!






























































































































































































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Baseball: The measure of America's heart and soul in any given era.

To understand America, know baseball!

Covering All the Bases

1B : Spirit of '76 - "Voluntary" high performance with integrity. Individual personal responsibilty within the context of social responsibility to both America and baseball.

2B : Equal Justice - Social justice through equal justice [not "just us"].

3B : Meritocracy - Rewards and advancement based upon talents, skills and work ethic exhibited within the rule of law and rules of the game. Eliminate Animal Farm where: "All animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others."

HOME : Tradition and Leadership - Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?  DO IT AMERICAN character based upon founding principles and values -- not Frankfurt School manufacted Iron Mike "image." 

 be one of the main sources of national prosperity as well as a special object of Divine favour.